Keynote 1 Friday 26.8.2016 12:15 - 13:15 Room: Sala Camara
COMPSTAT Keynote Talk. Random objects: Functional data in nonlinear subspaces and Frechet regression
Speaker: H.-G. Mueller   Chair: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
Keynote 2 Saturday 27.8.2016 11:00 - 11:50 Room: Sala 1
A bridge between high-dimensional and functional data: Functional Cox model
Speaker: J.-L. Wang   Chair: Ana Colubi
Keynote 3 Sunday 28.8.2016 16:40 - 17:30 Room: Sala 1
Nonparametric regression on contaminated functional predictor with application to hyperspectral data
Speaker: F. Ferraty   Chair: Enea Bongiorno


Parallel session B: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Friday 26.8.2016 15:00 - 16:15

Session CC036 Room: Sala 1
Summer course: Session I Friday 26.8.2016   15:00 - 16:15
Chair: Jane-Ling Wang Organizer: CRoNoS
  CK0204:  J.-L. Wang, H.-G. Mueller
  Functional data Analysis: From basics to current topics of interest
Session CO019 Room: Sala 2
Variable selection and sparse models for FDA Friday 26.8.2016   15:00 - 16:15
Chair: Nathalie Villa-Vialaneix Organizer: Nathalie Villa-Vialaneix
  CO0152:  V. Rivoirard
  Lasso estimation of local independence graphs based on Hawkes processes
  CO0153:  R. Servien, V. Picheny, N. Villa-Vialaneix
  Interval sparsity for functional inverse regression
  CC0157:  P.-M. Grollemund, C. Abraham, P. Pudlo, M. Baragatti
  Bayesian functional linear regression with sparse step functions
Parallel session C: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Friday 26.8.2016 16:45 - 18:25

Session CC037 Room: Sala 1
Summer course: Session II Friday 26.8.2016   16:45 - 18:25
Chair: Jane-Ling Wang Organizer: CRoNoS
  CK0208:  J.-L. Wang, H.-G. Mueller
  Functional data Analysis: From basics to current topics of interest
Session CO021 Room: Sala 2
New processings for functional data Friday 26.8.2016   16:45 - 18:25
Chair: Frederic Ferraty Organizer: Frederic Ferraty
  CO0151:  G. Hooker, P. Hall
  On the range of integration of a functional linear model
  CO0171:  A.Y. Park, J. Aston, F. Ferraty
  Stable and predictive functional domain selection with application to brain images
  CO0174:  A. Delaigle, T. Pham, P. Hall
  Clustering functional data using projections
Parallel session D: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Saturday 27.8.2016 08:50 - 10:30

Session CC038 Room: Sala 1
Summer course: Session III Saturday 27.8.2016   08:50 - 10:30
Chair: Hans-Georg Mueller Organizer: CRoNoS
  CK0206:  H.-G. Mueller, J.-L. Wang
  Functional data Analysis: From basics to current topics of interest
Session CO011 Room: Sala 2
Testing in models with functional data Saturday 27.8.2016   08:50 - 10:30
Chair: Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga Organizer: Wenceslao Gonzalez-Manteiga
  CO0196:  M. Febrero-Bande, J.A. Cuesta-Albertos, E. Garcia-Portugues, W. Gonzalez-Manteiga
  Goodness-of-fit tests for the functional linear model based on randomly projected empirical processes.
  CC0197:  G. Rice
  Stationarity testing and break date estimation with functional time series
  CO0198:  V. Patilea, S. Maistre
  Testing the influence of functional variables on functional responses
  CO0201:  C. Sanchez-Sellero, V. Patilea, M. Saumard
  Testing the predictor effect on a functional response
Parallel session F: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Saturday 27.8.2016 12:00 - 13:15

Session CO025 Room: Sala 1
Methods for functional response models Saturday 27.8.2016   12:00 - 13:15
Chair: Jeff Goldsmith Organizer: Jeff Goldsmith
  CO0181:  D. Backenroth, J. Goldsmith
  Modeling heterogeneity in motor learning using heteroskedastic functional principal components
  CO0183:  J. Gertheiss, S. Greven, E. Hessel, V. Maier, F. Scheipl
  Functional regression for investigating the feeding behavior of animals
Session CO007 Room: Sala 2
Robust functional data analysis with applications Saturday 27.8.2016   12:00 - 13:15
Chair: Ana Arribas-Gil Organizer: Ana Arribas-Gil
  CO0162:  C. Sguera, P. Galeano, R. Lillo
  Global and local functional depths
  CO0167:  A. Rehage, S. Kuhnt
  An angle-based functional pseudo-depth for shape outlier detection
  CO0155:  P. Rousseeuw, M. Hubert, J. Raymaekers, P. Segaert
  Finding outliers in surface data and video
Parallel session G: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Saturday 27.8.2016 15:00 - 16:40

Session CC039 Room: Sala 1
Summer course: Session IV Saturday 27.8.2016   15:00 - 16:40
Chair: Hans-Georg Mueller Organizer: CRoNoS
  CK0207:  H.-G. Mueller, J.-L. Wang
  Functional data Analysis: From basics to current topics of interest
Session CO015 Room: Sala 2
Recent advances in functional data analysis Saturday 27.8.2016   15:00 - 16:40
Chair: Alois Kneip Organizer: Alois Kneip
  CO0178:  A. Kneip, H. Wagner
  Nonparametric registration to low-dimensional function spaces
  CO0177:  D. Liebl, A. Kneip
  Reconstruction of partially observed (non-)sparse functional data
  CO0168:  C. Crambes, Y. Henchiri
  Regression imputation in the functional linear model with a response missing at random
  CO0172:  S. Hoermann, C. Cerovecki
  On the CLT for discrete Fourier transforms of functional time series
Parallel session H: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Saturday 27.8.2016 17:10 - 18:50

Session CC040 Room: Sala 1
Summer course: Session V Saturday 27.8.2016   17:10 - 18:50
Chair: Hans-Georg Mueller Organizer: CRoNoS
  CK0205:  H.-G. Mueller, J.-L. Wang
  Functional data Analysis: From basics to current topics of interest
Session CO005 Room: Sala 2
Methodological and applied contributions on functional data analysis Saturday 27.8.2016   17:10 - 18:50
Chair: M Carmen Aguilera-Morillo Organizer: M Carmen Aguilera-Morillo, Ana Maria Aguilera
  CO0156:  J. Jacques, Y. Ben Slimen, S. Allio
  Model-based co-clustering for functional data
  CO0173:  J. Portela, A. Munoz, E. Alonso
  Forecasting functional time series in electricity markets with a seasonal ARIMAX Hilbertian model
  CO0166:  N. Acar-Denizli, G. Basarir, I. Caballero de Frutos, P. Delicado
  The application of functional linear models on remote sensing data in oceanography
  CO0185:  J. Goldsmith, J. Schwartz
  Variable selection in the functional linear concurrent model
Parallel session J: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Sunday 28.8.2016 08:50 - 10:50

Session CC041 Room: Sala 1
Summer course: Session VI Sunday 28.8.2016   08:50 - 10:50
Chair: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez Organizer: CRoNoS
  CC0210:  G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  Bootstrap in separable Hilbert spaces with applications to functional data analysis
Session CG006 Room: Sala 2
Contributions on methodological and applied functional data analysis Sunday 28.8.2016   08:50 - 10:50
Chair: Ana Maria Aguilera Organizer: CRoNoS
  CC0158:  S. Jadhav
  Dependent generalized functional linear models
  CC0160:  J. Klepsch, C. Klueppelberg
  Prediction of functional moving average models
  CC0176:  E. Pablik, F. Frommlet
  A functional regression approach for modelling the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in the eyes of healthy subjects
  CC0186:  G. Nisol
  Detection of periodicity in functional time series
  CC0195:  S. Sjostedt de Luna, K. Abramowicz, C. Hager, A. Pini, L. Schelin, S. Vantini
  Distribution-free interval-wise inference for functional-on-scalar linear models
Parallel session K: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Sunday 28.8.2016 11:20 - 13:00

Session CO013 Room: Sala 1
Statistics in Hilbert spaces Sunday 28.8.2016   11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez Organizer: Gil Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  CO0163:  H. Matsui, M. Kayano, S. Imoto, R. Yamaguchi, S. Miyano
  Sparse regularization for functional logistic models and its application to time-dependent biomarker detection
  CO0164:  S. Nagy
  Data depth for measurable random mappings
  CO0169:  X. Qiao, S. Guo
  Sparse high-dimensional and functional autoregressions
  CO0193:  B. Sinova, G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, S. Van Aelst
  Location M-estimation approach for functional data
Session CO017 Room: Sala 2
Functional data modelling Sunday 28.8.2016   11:20 - 13:00
Chair: Jean-Baptiste Aubin Organizer: Rosaria Ignaccolo, Jean-Baptiste Aubin
  CO0170:  S. Dabo, M.S. Ahmed
  Generalized functional linear models under choice-based sampling
  CO0190:  M. Franco Villoria, R. Ignaccolo, M. Scott
  Quantile regression for functional data
  CO0191:  E. Bongiorno, A. Goia
  Functional principal components for concentration curves
  CC0199:  D. Dobler, M. Pauly, T. Bluhmki, J. Beyersmann
  Nonparametric time-simultaneous inference for transition probabilities in multi-state Markov models
Parallel session L: CRoNoS FDA 2016 Sunday 28.8.2016 14:30 - 16:10

Session CO009 Room: Sala 1
Non- and semi-parametric approaches in functional statistics Sunday 28.8.2016   14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Enea Bongiorno Organizer: Enea Bongiorno
  CO0161:  M.S. Bernardi, L. Sangalli, G. Mazza, J. Ramsay
  Modeling space-time functional data with complex dependencies via regression with partial differential regularizations
  CO0184:  M. Garcia Barzana, A. Colubi, G. Gonzalez-Rodriguez
  On a regression model with constraints in Hilbert spaces
  CC0192:  J.-B. Aubin, E. Bongiorno
  Testing optimal dimension for suitable Hilbert-valued processes
  CC0188:  J. Park, C. Tu, J. Park, H. Wang
  Estimation of functional sparsity in varying coefficient models with functional covariates
Session CC003 Room: Sala 2
Functional data analysis: Applications Sunday 28.8.2016   14:30 - 16:10
Chair: Gregory Rice Organizer: CRoNoS
  CC0159:  C. Happ
  Two \texttt{R}-packages for object-oriented functional data analysis
  CC0194:  K. Abramowicz, L. Schelin, S. Sjostedt de Luna, J. Strandberg
  Multi-resolution clustering of time dependent functional data with applications to climate reconstruction
  CC0189:  A. Moeller, J. Gertheiss, E. Hessel
  Functional data methods for clustering pigs according to their feeding behavior
  CP0180:  R. Talska, K. Hron, A. Menafoglio
  Density functions from the exponential family as units of Bayes space: A simulation study